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Carpets are an essential component of a beautiful and comfortable home. The choice of the best carpet can prove to be daunting for most that’s why we at Omega Pattern Works provide you with accurate, correct and unbiased info to aid your decision making. We manufacture carpets for professionals such as architects, interior designers, and their clients. We also provide an assortment of carpets for a broad range of premises which includes bowling alleys, roller skating, family fun centers,cinemas, restaurants, gaming zones and home theaters. There are several mitigating factors on the choice of a carpet. This includes energy efficiency, comfort, cost, insulation levels and environmental conservancy. Below are some of the most common mats we offer.

Black light carpet
These meticulously engineered carpets are a beauty to behold. Back lighting is a technology whereby objects are illuminated from behind. Black light carpets glow in the dark when exposed to dim lights. These carpets are usually made using fluorescent yarns that produce a glowing effect in the dark. This makes them most suitable for movie theaters, gaming arcades, nightclubs, bowling centers,laser arenas. Black light carpets are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Glow in the dark carpet
Glow in the dark carpets was first used in the Netherlands during the GLOW festival. The first glow carpet was made using pebble stones. They have since evolved and are now made using fluorescent solution dyes that radiate different patterns and designs which may be multi-colored or not. These are carpets that glow in the dark similar to a black light carpet. They are the perfect carpet for a gaming one. There is a broad range of creative flairs from which to choose. Mostly preferred in gaming arcades and restaurants.

Neon carpet
These are mats that display special effects after exposure to UV light. They are painstakingly designed carpets mostly preferred for leisure activities. These carpets utilize UV black light upon which after exposure they appear to glow from within. These mats boast limited wear and tear, so you can be rest assured of their durability. Neon carpets have a high impact design that makes them most preferable for theaters, cinemas, restaurants, gaming arcades, and retail outlets.

Fluorescent carpet
These are carpets that glow in the dark and are made using the fluorescent technology. They create an impression that makes your premise come alive. They are available in many fun colors. They include angles3, geomatrix, mystique, stars, art deco, mardi gras, fascination, and stardust just but to name a few.



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