Choosing Carpets for Business Use - all you need to know

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Selecting a carpet for your place of business needs to be done in consideration of various factors. Commercial carpetting is not only intended for aesthetic reasons, it also serves various purposes depending on the nature of business and the frequency, amount and type of traffic it gets every day. There are four basic qualities that needs to be considered when choosing a carpet for your business: pattern, color, longevity, and comfort. And these depend on purposes other than decorations.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Carpet

Before you go out and buy the first attractive carpet you see in a shop, there are some basic questions that you need to ask yourselves. This will help you realistically assess the type of carpet you need for your particular space. They are the following:

  • Does the Carpet Suits the Area?

You have to identify if a particular design and type of carpet is suited for the area. This will help you narrow down your pattern, color, and design choices.

  • Is the Carpet Durable?

Considering the amount of traffic it receives everyday, durability has to be a primary consideration.

  • Is the Carpet Easy to Maintain?

Maintenance can be an issue for many carpet types. You don’t want to be spending a lot in maintenance works.

  • Is the Cost of the Carpet Within Your Budget?

This question is especially necessary for wide areas that need to be covered. Make sure that you spend within your budget limit. You don’t need to break the bank for that.

  • Is the Carpet Design Attractive?

Finally, you need to make sure you are choosing an attractive carpet to serve its aesthetic purpose. Make the most of your investment.

Carpets for High-Traffic Areas

High traffic can get your carpet a tremendous amounts of dirt, as well as wear and tear. Thus, darker colors are usually recommended for such areas. Colors like gray navy blue, burgund, darker browns of shades of charcoal are great choices. Dark colored patterned carpets also do well at conceiling dirt and stain without making the whole floor unsightly.

As well, choose those with high quality that doesn’t easily wear and tear. Durable carpets can also withstand frequent cleaning without looking old. While buying cheap carpets may seem a good idea at first, you will still have to pay for cleaning and may even buy a new one in a short span of time. So go for quality instead of cheap but low-quality types.

Carpet Recommendations For Some Businesses

Different businesses may require different types and designs of carpets, here are some suggestions:


The primary consideration when choosing a hotel carpets is its durability. Considering the amount of traffic that the carpet receives each day and the money that has to be spend to cover the entire building floors. The backing or padding of carpet is very important as lots of energy from traffic gets to be absorbed in a daily basis.

Since most hotels aim to provide a home-y environment, carpets need to create a warm and relax feel. Blues, brown and greens offer the most relaxing ambiance. Bold colors are usually a no-no and it must be kept at a minimum unless the hotel concept calls for it of if your in Las Vegas. Gold is also often used as it portrays extravagance, grandeur and luxury. Some hotels go as far as printing room numbers and hallway directions on carpets to guide guests.

Carpets for gamerooms and family centers

Gamerooms and family centers need to incite a feeling of fun and excitement so carpets are usually of bright and exciting colors. They also attract kids which is the primary market for these establishments. Go for brigh color combinations and patterns that conceal dirt and stain effectively while maintaining a lively ambiance.

Some game establishments use designs that stimulate game patterns while others print their own carpets with game themes and characters for a customized look.

Carpets for bowling alleys

Neon colors are usually recommended for bowling alleys because they make the room looks playful against dark and dim lights. Playful display of neon colors make bowling allyes look fore lively and fuels the gaming spirit. Go for neon pattern combinations that do not easily show dirts and stains considering the traffic and pressure that the carpet takes.

For a more personalized approach, you can print your business name along the playful colors.

Carpets for skating areas

Flourescent addition to carpet esigns are the trend these days. Go for fun and lively colors that increase the playful mood. There are also carpet designs that reflects the movements of peiple as they skate which adds to the overall excitement.

The important factor here is durability and the padding of your carpet. It needs to withstand the demanding skating traffic and pressure while avoiding wear and tear in the short run.

Carpets for movie houses and outdoor theater

Movie theaters and cinemas use carpets due to its practicality. They are mostly installed wall to wall to reduce the possibility of slipping and dangerous falls. As well, they help in sound insulation and improve thermal comfort. Carpets make watching movies safe and more enjoyable. Choose dark colored plain design carpets to keep the room dark for movie viewing. Try out shades of gray, vavy blue, black and other dark shades.

Carpets for casino

Most casinos go for weird and colorful designs. These makes the rooms more adventurous. Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Dave Schwatz suggested that casino carpets are specifically chosen in the context of bad taste to stimulate people into gambling. These oddly chosen carpet design seem to match perfectly with the casino’s gaming ambiance.

Friedman also emphasized that bright colors are often used because they add to intensity of approaching a gaming table or machine. They are also good at concealing dirt, debris and damage.

Some also suggest that casino carpet of bright and weird designs help obscure and camouflage chips that have fallen into the floor. At the end of the day, the number of chips scrubbed off the carpets add to the income of the establishment.

Carpets for restaurants

Using carpets in restaurants creates a sense of home for families. Also a casual and relax atmosphere is believed to add comfort to diners. When choosing a carpet for a restaurant, make sure that it matches the walls and the drapes effectively as it presents a neat and clean look.

Although blue is a popular color, restaurant owners are strongly recommended against using it as it makes appetite weaker. Intense colors of red and orange, on the other hand, stimulates the appetite as it suggests energy and intensity.

At the top of all these tips, it is always important to choose carpets as to their practicality. They require some investment so you have to make sure that you are getting the most out of it.

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I like that you talked about how carpet with the colors of red and orange stimulates the appetite of customers as it suggests energy and intensity. Now I know what carpet color to pick if I have my own restaurant. It's great to know that choosing the right color has a positive effect on a business.


Knowing what type of carpet to use for these different areas is really good to know. I have a small theater room in my home that I need to see about getting redone. As you said, it would be best to go with something dark.


Thanks for this advice for picking the right carpets. It's good to know that it's important for hotels to have really durable carpets because of the amount of traffic it gets every day. It seems important to research how durable different carpets can be to have a better idea of which ones are ideal.


I’m building a new gaming room for my hotel, I would like a carpet with playing cards as a pattern the room will be 190 square meters


Picking the best carpet for your business is not an easy task. Thanks for sharing your ideas. The one question that would also be helpful is if you ask yourself "What's the aura like?" Our clients want a professional or casual look, but yeah, it depends on the nature of your business.


Omega Pattern Works has shared an insightful blog post on choosing carpets for businesses. The article highlights the importance of selecting the right carpet for commercial spaces, considering factors such as durability, maintenance, and aesthetics. The tips and recommendations provided will undoubtedly help business owners make informed decisions and create a welcoming environment for their customers. Thanks for sharing this valuable advice!

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